Hoya mappigera

Hoya mappigera

Named after its flower for resembling a white napkin hanging down from the pedicel (mappa = napkin, ger = to carry), this Hoya is found in Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia and southern Thailand.

Observed as a semi-climbing Hoya, it has been found climbing and branching in areas such as swamp forests and lowland forests. Both characterized by having very shaded understories, usually Hoyas here grow along a water source with morning mists, air currents, and more light than in the deeper parts of the forest.

Having flowered this Hoya, we have observed it to be a very prolific bloomer with peduncles forming frequently. The campanulate flower does not have any kind of scent and has a very short lifecycle. Opening only at night when there is no light present, the bloom at most stays open for a day and a half, but can also be found closed by morning.

It is important to note high humidity is absolutely necessary for this Hoya. In our experience, introducing the Hoya to lower humidity levels has caused new leaves to blast and vines to dry up. This Hoya seems most happy with humidity above 75%. In addition ours grow in temperatures around 68-85 degrees, slightly shaded under a 500W full spectrum grow light and with ample air ventilation. We have grown this Hoya successfully in coco husk, moss and PON.

One of our absolute favorite species, this Hoya is a prolific and very fast growing plant for any thin-leafed Hoya lover!
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