EPI.10 Let's Talk Listener Questions

EPI.10 Let's Talk Listener Questions

As promised, the very last part to our Hoya Care series, question from you, our listeners! Have some lingering questions after listening to our last few episodes? We hope this answers some of them! Is it cold humid or warm humid? Do you give bright light or little light? Maybe it’s a bit of both!

Also a huge shoutout to our listeners for submitting questions! Thank you for taking the time to post your thoughts and we look forward to doing another episode like this in the future! If you want to take part, be sure to follow us on our instagram @lets.talkhoya and keep an eye on our stories!  


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Episode 10: Let's Talk Listener Questions



Some of the questions from our listeners!

@alexgrace_m: How often do you flush PON and clean the reservoirs? Do you ever flush with hydrogen peroxide for rot?

@marbeloliva: Is it normal for the flower buds to fall before they open or is this a sign of something bad?

@adrianna9591: If you only found one Hoya with flat mites, would you treat your whole collection?

& more! Be sure to listen to to this episode to hear our answers to these and more questions! 


To the listener who asked which Hoya this was, she's a Hoya kerrii (w/ splash)!

hoya kerrii


Interested in knowing where to find more Hoya information?

Asked by @plantybythebay: Best source for Hoya species info? 

Below are some links of well-known and respected collectors who provide information and insight into Hoya! 

Doug Chamberlain: https://vermonthoyas.com/

Christina from Sweden: https://www.myhoyas.com/index-ENG.htm


Interested in more scientific articles and publications? Below are some great places to search for more information!





Wondering where to find some of the tried and true items we keep on talking about on the podcast?

You can find them here on our Amazon storefront!

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I really enjoy your knowledge, energy , kindness and enthusiasm. I don’t even grow Hoya (have one Dischidia rafflesiana), only indoor apartment carnivorous plants but I enjoy your company. I do enjoy collecting books and literature though about plants I don’t grow so I learn a lot from your collective endeavor. Thank you!

Emilie Pulver

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