EPI 13. Let's Talk 2023 Hoya Manifestations

EPI 13. Let's Talk 2023 Hoya Manifestations

A new year is upon us! What better way than to start off 2023 with some of our manifestations! Did you hear Adam has joined as co-owner of The Green Plant? What should Jessi’s theme song be for 2023? Do you think Lydia’s Hoya will put out a random mutation? Kick off the new year with us as we chat about our hopes for this year!


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Episode 13: Let's Talk 2023 Hoya Manifestations



Hoya News! 


It's official! Adam has officially joined Lydia as co-owner for The Green Plant! We had been talking about this for months and are so excited to be able to share it with you all! We're looking forward to having another adventure we get to be part of together! 



We referred to this H. carnosa 'Compacta' during the episode which was a recent acquisition of Adam's! 

Thank you to our friend, Eleanor for sharing this special babe with us! She's definitely something special with splash showing only on the base of the foliage. 


Celebrating this first time H. lacunosa bloomer for Jessi! We're hoping for a blooming year for her in 2023. If there's a Hoya you hope to bloom this year, hop on over to our Instagram and share your Hoya bloom manifestation with us! 


Our 2023 Manifestations


  • Growing another H. carnosa 'Nova Ghost' (that Adam won't secretly toss without telling Jessi haha)
  • Bloom Hoya sp. gunung gading or Hoya elliptica 


  • Making pottery!
  • Encourage random mutation on a Hoya
  • Bloom Hoya sp. medinillifolia 


  • Successfully pollinate a Hoya! Should we call it Hoya 'Ayudame'? 
  • Bloom H. 'Blessing', H. 'Tequila Sunrise', H. 'Silver Dollar' and H. undulata


Join us in sharing your 2023 manifestations! Leave us a comment below!



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