EPI. 14 Let's Talk Hoya Flowers

EPI. 14 Let's Talk Hoya Flowers

Lots of jest in this episode, our craziest chat yet! Join us as your hosts, Lydia, Jessi and Adam talk all things Hoya flowers! From the nitty gritty of the anatomy, to our experiences, we hope this is also a blooming Hoya year for you! 


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Episode 14: Let's Talk Hoya Flowers 



Hoya News! 


We found about a new Hoya publication from July 2022 that we wanted to share with you all! 

Hoya of Sulawesi, Indonesia: A checklist, two new species, a new subspecies and six new records 


Ours truly, Adam, posted a new YouTube video! Check it out to see some of his baby Hoya and stay tuned at the end of a year to see their magnificent growth! 

KnotDude's Top 5 Hoya of 2023



Find Infograph's and a reel on Hoya blooms through out Instagram @lets.talkhoya!



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