EPI. 15 Let's Talk About Torill Nyhuus

EPI. 15 Let's Talk About Torill Nyhuus

This episode is a tribute to Torill Nyhuus who has and will continue to have a profound impact on the Hoya community. Thank you to our fellow friends of the Swedish Hoya Society for allowing us to share your stories of your dear friend, Torill, from the Hoya Telegraph 4 of 2022. 


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Episode 15: Let's Talk About Torill Nyhuus 



Torill Nyhuus was with us from 1948-2022. A long time president and board member of the Swedish Hoya Society, Torill also served as the editor for the Hoya Telegraph Journal. Torill has made numerous contributions within the Hoya community and will continue make an impact with some of her work that will continue to be shared. 

We thank Asa Svantesson and Nathalie Simonsson who's excerpts we had the pleasure of sharing. 

Also a heartfelt thank you to Jessica Ericsson-Hedlöf for granting us permission to share the stories of Torill and also helping us through the steps of joining the Swedish Hoya Society. 


PC: Doug Chamberlain of Vermont Hoyas

Hoya nyhuusiae is the species named after Torill Nyhuus. 



PC: Nathalie Simmonson & Michele Rodda

Hoya paradisea from Papuasia was published just a couple of weeks after Torill's passing. Mentioned in Nathalie's Simonsson's story; you can read the publication here: 

2022: Rodda & Simonsson. Contribution to a revision of Hoya of papuasia. Part II: eight new species, one new subspecies.



We also mentioned Episode 113 of Summer Rayne Oak’s YouTube video which will forever hold a glimpse into Torill Nyhuus’ Hoya collection from 2019. 

Torill Nyhuus Hoya Houseplant Tour: 400+ Hoyas 

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