EPI. 17 Let's Talk Hoya verticillata!

EPI. 17 Let's Talk Hoya verticillata!

Hoya acute. parasitica. pottsii. Did you know that all these Hoya (plus many more) now share the same name? They’re in our collection, but are all under the Hoya verticillata complex! Confused or want to learn more about it? Join your hosts Jessi, Adam and Lydia as we talk through this synonymization and what that means for us as hobbyists! 


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Episode 17: Let's Talk Hoya verticillata 



Where to Get Hoya Cards

We've talked about the Hoya Cards by Pattamate Watthanaskulcharoen on a few episodes now. These cards were created with so much research and peer review. A must have for any Hoya collector! You can send a message to 'A Hoya Study Corner by SC Plants' on Facebook to purchase and enjoy them yourselves! 



pc: Adam @knotdude, Hoya verticillata (inner-variegated, fka acuta) 


Common Names 

In this episode we talk about the Hoya verticillata synonymization. Now a very large complex, some of the common names that were synonymized and recognized as Hoya verticillata/ Hoya verticillata var. verticillata are: 

  • Hoya acuta
  • Hoya pottsii
  • Hoya wibergiae
  • Hoya parasitica 
  • Hoya citrina
  • Hoya sp. Bogar
  • Hoya amoena Java


Hoya No Longer Under verticillata

Also to add to the confusion, some Hoya that were synonymized under Hoya verticillata were also taken out and recognized as their own species! These Hoya include:

  • Species in Australia and papuasia are separated from the verticillata complex.
  • Hoya nicholsoniae
  • Hoya hellwigiana



pc: Jessi @perritos_y_plants, Hoya verticillata (heart shape w/ splash, fka parasitica) 


Why Was This Done?

The main reason for this synonymization of the verticillata complex was largely due to the nearly identical floral traits of all of these Hoya. Although the flowers are the same, there are varying leaf morphologies within this complex! Not only this, but there are varying colors that can be observed within the verticillata complex as well! 


pc: Lydia @thegreenplant.az, Hoya verticillata (MA07)



Hoya verticillata / Hoya verticillata var. verticillata is now a huge complex with some plants that are not even hoya being placed into the umbrella! Find the full list of synonymizations on KEW:

Hoya verticillata

Hoya verticillata var. verticillata 


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