EPI.22 Let's Talk Hoya That Defy Notions

EPI.22 Let's Talk Hoya That Defy Notions

Every Hoya grower does things their own way and we all learn from each others experiences. Ever wonder about some of our other Hoya we think deviate from our expectations? What are some Hoya that we grow differently? Are there ones we’re hoping to experiment with? Join us in this chatty episode where we talk all about it! 


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Episode 22: Let's Talk Hoya That Defy Notions



Hoya News! 

In today's episode we shared differences noticed in the flowers of Adam's Hoya lacunosa 'White Pearl' blooms! Unlike the usual lacunosa flowers, the corolla is not reflexed and the corona lobes are noticeable elongated, protruding. 


pc: Adam @knotdude, Hoya lacunosa 'White Pearl' blooms


New Publications!

There are 2 new publications so far in 2023! 

  • Formerly known as Hoya cottonbell, now named and published as Hoya medusa. 

Find the publication here: https://phytokeys.pensoft.net/article/98275/

  • Hoya lyi (noid), now named and published as Hoya spectatissima 

Find the publication here: https://phytokeys.pensoft.net/article/99420/



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