EPI. 9 Let's Talk with April Mall from Unsolicited Plant Talks!

EPI. 9 Let's Talk with April Mall from Unsolicited Plant Talks!

Who else would be more fitting to be the first ever guest on our Hoya podcast than the Hoya Queen herself, April Mall from Unsolicited Plant Talks! We are beyond giddy and excited to introduce you all to this absolute gem of a person in the plant community. Join your hosts Lydia, Jessi and Adam as we laugh through this episode & get to know April more! What's her favorite Hoya? Which blooms stink the most and would she save a Hoya or Aroid if her greenhouse was on fire? Listen to the podcast episode to find out! 


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Episode 9: Let's Talk with April Mall from Unsolicited Plant Talks! 



April swooning over Hoya siariae (red) from our last visit to her greenhouses! 

Lightning Questions with April! 

We asked April a set of questions that she had to answer on the fly! 

- Current pride & joy? 

   UPT's first hybrid, Hoya 'Millixie'!
- Most picky/finicky Hoya? 

   Hoya 'Jodie's Silver'
- The greenhouse is on fire, which plant do you save first? 

   Philodendron Patriciae
- Favorite sun stressed Hoya? 

   Hoya blashernaezii ssp. siariae (red)
- Least favorite Hoya to ship? 

   Hoya 'Tequila Sunrise' / Hoya sp. tenggamas
- Most drool worthy Hoya foliage? 

   Hoya sp. tenggamas (from Indonesia)
- Hoya with your favorite flower? 

   Hoya undulata
- Stinkiest Hoya flower? 

   Hoya lyi (uncommon)!
- Hoya that flowers the most for you? 

   Hoya 'Rebecca' / Hoya lacunosa
- Most underrated Hoya? 

   Hoya memoria



The UPT X LTH crew together! 

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