EPI 12. Let's Talk Hoya bella

EPI 12. Let's Talk Hoya bella

Hoya bella is a classic species in the Hoya world. Join your hosts Jessi, Lydia and Adam as we chat all things Hoya bella! From different cultivar, tips and laughs, we hope this episode sparks a love in your heart for this beauty! Bella! Where have you been loca? 


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Episode 12: Let's Talk Hoya bella 



Hoya News! 

This was our first episode including Hoya News! Going forward we will include any noteworthy publications and information happening in the Hoya community. Find links to publications that we talked about in this episode below: 

One new species and a new record of Hoya from Sulawesi, Indonesia

Published by Putra, Ahmad, Zulfadli, Rahayu and Rodda in August 2022.

Eight new species, one new subspecies of Hoya from New Guinea

Published by Rodda and Simonsoon in November 2022

STEMMA Hoya Journal 2nd issue of Volume 4 published

Courtesy of the many contributions made by those in the Hoya community. 


 Bella! Where have you been loca?

While Hoya lanceolata ssp. bella is a classic in the Hoya world, there are beautiful cultivar that can be found in collections today. 

Hoya bella 'Lida Buis' (left) and Hoya bella 'Anneke Buis' (right) are cultivar named after the daughters of the Bois family of Fa. Buis Nursery in the Netherlands. 


Did you know? The flowers of Hoya bella are the blooms represented on our logo for Let's Talk Hoya! 



Looking for more information on Hoya bella? Check out the publications here! 


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