EPI. 21 Let's Talk Hoya Mutations

EPI. 21 Let's Talk Hoya Mutations

The mitochondria are known as the powerhouse of the cell… but all jokes aside, did you know variegation and splash on plants are considered a mutation?! With these unique characteristics being sought out by many Hoya collectors (guilty as charged, us included), many of us wonder what causes these mutations? Join your co-hosts, Lydia, Adam and Jessi to deep-dive into this topic! What causes splash? Is variegation stable? Does it come from nature, or is it created? This is an episode for all you splash and variegation loving Hoya Heads! 


Side note: Since recording this episode, we did find new information on how wild-found Hoya and sports can be recognized as cultivar! Find the full notes below!


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Episode 21: Let's Talk Hoya Mutations



Hoya News

We mentioned the Botanical Talk by Dr. Sri Rahayu, Fraser Cook and Dr. Gregori G. Hambali presented at Bogar Botanical Garden 4/1/2023. The recording for the discussion on "Sustainable Methods and Preservation of Ornamental Plants" is currently still in processing. Once available, we will be sure to share a link! 


In the Episode

pc: Pattamate W. from A Hoya Study Corner by SC Plants

Hoya Mutation

Inner and outer variegation & splash/silver on Hoya are mutations that occur outside of the 'normal' green leaf. This phenomenon is exhibited through varied situations, some common instances are: 

  1. Self-pollination within the same species exhibiting different variants between seedlings. 
  2. Random mutation on a single plant. 
  3. Hoya brought from the wild into cultivation. 
  4. Mutations that were purposely selected. 

CLARIFICATION: We know during this episode it was mentioned that wild collected Hoya, with mutations, that are brought into cultivation should not be given a 'Cultivar Epithet'. But we have found out this information is no longer true! Hoya, even wild collected from nature, that have 1. unique characteristics and 2. are stable under a range of conditions through generations can be given a 'Cultivar Epithet'. 


pc: Pattamate W. from A Hoya Study Corner by SC Plants

Splash on Hoya

"Splash" on Hoya is a mutation caused by air pockets forming under the cells and layering on the green surface of the leaf.


pc: Pattamate W. from A Hoya Study Corner by SC Plants



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