EPI. 28 Let's Talk with Ves Hackney about Hoya lacunosa & Hoya krohniana

EPI. 28 Let's Talk with Ves Hackney about Hoya lacunosa & Hoya krohniana

It’s another guest and this time we had the pleasure of talking with Ves Blake Hackney! We know many of you have reached out to us asking about the confusion and controversial topic surrounding Hoya lacunosa and Hoya krohniana. What makes a Hoya a lacunosa or krohniana, anyway? Is there really a huge difference? What do we think is going to happen to krohniana in the future? If you’ve wondered about any of these questions, this episode is for you! Hear Ves impart information on this topic as we chat about the mysteries behind this wonderful Hoya! 


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Episode 28: Let's Talk with Ves Hackney about Hoya lacunosa & Hoya krohniana 



You may have heard about the confusion circulating around Hoya lacunosa and Hoya krohniana within the last couple of years. As the community of Hoya hobbyists continue to grow, so does the confusion regarding these two Hoya. However, unlike popular belief, foliage is not the main attribute that determines the difference between these two Hoya. Rather, the difference is so minut, you could easily miss it!



pc: Hoya lacunosa, courtesy of Ves Hackney @vespirs, 2023


So, what currently distinguishes Hoya lacunosa and Hoya krohniana?

As it stands currently, Hoya lacunosa (pictured above) and Hoya krohniana (pictured below) are differentiated by their blooms. More specifically, the measurement of these flowers is the published difference of the two species. 


pc: Hoya krohniana, courtesy of Ves Hackney @vespirs, 2023


What does the future hold of Hoya krohniana?

Although Hoya krohniana is accepted and recognized as its own species, there is speculation if there is enough taxonomic difference between Hoya lacunosa for it to continue to remain as a species on its own. However, this is only speculation and is still being scientifically researched. 

Until a verdict is reached, it is suggested for Hoya to retain their names as received to lessen confusion. 



POWO stating Hoya krohniana as an accepted species

POWO of Hoya lacunosa, publications and herbarium catalog

A recent leaf analysis study on Hoya krohniana and Hoya lacunosa in 2022 


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