EPI. 30 Let's Talk Botanists, Hoya Resources & Finding Information

EPI. 30 Let's Talk Botanists, Hoya Resources & Finding Information

Research, research, research! Whether it is to deep dive about a species or just to see how to keep the dang plant alive, we have all been there! Doing research on our beloved plants is often necessary, but at times a daunting task. Especially with a species that is often changing and updating, such as Hoya. Where do you even start? Join us in this episode as we talk about our go-to spots when researching about Hoya. From tid-bits shared by other collectors to scientific research done by botanists, we hope you find helpful information here!


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Episode 30: Let's Talk Botanists, Hoya Resources & Finding Information



Hoya News! 

1) This episode was recorded when STEMMA just came out with a new article, you may have seen it by now, but it is a great read for this quarter! 

Read STEMMA Journal 5(2) Here!


2) Fraser Cook released an intriguing YouTube video on the Hoya Hunters of Tanggamus located in the Lampung Province of Sumatra, Indonesia. 

Watch Part 1 of the Videos on YouTube Here.

Part 2 Can Be Found Here.


3) A beautiful art display by Eunice Nugroho won the prestigious Gold Metal for her painting series 'Hoya of Indonesia' at the RHS Botanical Art & Photography Show of 2023.

You can see photos of her art as well as order a copy of the prints through her Instagram directly @inikeke.



pc: Hoya latifolia, courtesy of Eunice Nugroho, @inikeke, one of the prints from her painting series 'Hoya of Indonesia'


Who are some botanists that we see in Hoya publications lately?

Dr. Michele Rodda

Find some of his published works here.

Nathalie Simmonson Juhonewe

Find some of her published works here.

Dr. Sri Rahayu

Find some of her published works here.


Interested in printed Hoya works and publications?

  • The Hoya Telegraph, printed and available for members of the Swedish Hoya Society is a quarterly Newsletter. For English speakers, you can send an e-mail to  Jessica Ericsson-Hedlöf at utskick@swedishhoyasociety.com to inquire about membership! 


pc: Hoya Cards, courtesy of Pattamate Watthanasakulcharoen


Looking for more Hoya information online?

  • FRATERNA was a Hoya publication once in circulation, but has since discontinued. However, archives can be found through the Biodiversity Heritage Library. 
  • ResearchGate is a great database that houses many newer and recent Hoya publications. 

  • KEW holds Hoya information for any species, cultivar, etc. that have been formally recognized and published. 

  • Vermont Hoyas is a great website created and maintained by a fellow Hoya enthusiast Doug Chamberlain and has a plethora of personal experiences and helpful growing information. Doug particularly talks about his experiences blooming various Hoya as this is his primary goal while growing Hoya. 
  • My Hoyas also has great Hoya information from a personal grower and collector from Sweden, Christina. 



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