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  • Growing with Pon

    Pon as a Growing Medium  Pon, also known as Lechuza Pon is a soil-less growing medium. See below for our tips on using pon and some of our favorit...
  • Growing with Leca

    Leca as a Medium for Growing Leca is a soil-less growing medium used to grow plants in a semi-hydro/passive hydroponic setting. Follow the links b...
  • Hoya Soil Mix

  • Hoya Plant Parts Infographic

  • Syngonium Podophyllum Albo-Variegatum

    Native to a wide region of rainforests in Latin America, Syngonium Podophyllum Albo-Variegatum has beautiful foliage with striking variegated patte...
  • Scindapsus Treubii Care

    Scindapsus Treubii Care Tips
  • Philodendron Gloriosum Care

    Philodendron Gloriosum Care Tips