Growing with Pon

Growing with Pon

Pon as a Growing Medium 

Pon, also known as Lechuza Pon is a soil-less growing medium. See below for our tips on using pon and some of our favorite resources to get started!

  • There are two methods to using pon: either like soil or semi-hydroponically with a water reservoir.
  • Pon has an ideal ratio for air & water at 45% air and 55% water. This make it nearly impossible to over water.
  • Pon itself (unless a pre-mix with fertilizer is purchased) does not have nutrients. You can either water your plant with a liquid fertilizer or a slow release fertilizer such as Osmocote can be added to your pon mix.
  • A “dry phase” is highly encouraged when using pon. This varies from plant to plant as well as your growing environment. By a dry phase averages 1-10 days before more water is added.

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