Hoya fauziana ssp. angulata

Hoya fauziana ssp. angulata

Published in 2018 as a new subspecies, this Hoya originates from Borneo and Sumatra. The large, wavy, lanceolate leaves have a subtle velvety sheen. New leaves grow in a deep purple/maroon and fade to a green as they harden.

In its natural habitat, this Hoya is found in moss forests covered in mist and lower temperatures of Kalimantan. In Sumatra and Sabah it was collected in mixed forests of higher rainfall, cooler temperatures, east facing slopes with understories of rivers and streams. Often seen growing in sandstone soils, it has always been observed as an epiphytic climber.

In our collection this Hoya is grown in a humid environment of 55 - 80% humidity, temperatures of 68-78 degrees and under 500w full spectrum grow lights. A prolific grower, it will benefit from a trellis. We have successfully propagated and grown this Hoya in coco husk, PON and LECA.

If you’re a fan of large, velvety, sheen leaves, she’s a beautiful one for your collection!
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