Hoya pachyclada

Hoya pachyclada

Published as a species in 1939, this Hoya originates from Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. With variations existing of inner and outer variegation, it boasts beautiful, round leaves.

In its natural habitat, this epiphytic Hoya has occasionally been observed as lithophytic, growing in or on rocks. However, primarily, it has been seen growing in dry deciduous dipterocarp forests and woodlands in rocks, rocky soils or ferralitic soil.

In our collection this Hoya has been grown in various environments. Being that it originates from more drier parts of forests in Asia, it is a sturdy grower in ambient and humid conditions. Our pachyclada are grown in temperatures ranging in 65-88 degrees under 500-1000w full spectrum grow lights. We have successfully propagated and grown this Hoya in coco husk, PON, coco coir and an airy moss mix. However, our preferred method for long-term growth is in coco husk and PON.

While this Hoya has stunning leaves, we have also heard the blooms are gorgeous! We’re looking forward to the day ours bloom!
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